Rule Breaker Plant-based and deliciously soft-baked chocolate brownie

Vegan Brownie by Rule Breaker

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You'd never know it was a better-for-you treat, but Rule Breaker Snacks Chocolate Brownies are packed with protein and fiber (secret ingredient: chickpeas!), not too much sugar, and only about half the calories of a traditional brownie.

  • made in Brooklyn, NY
  • net weight 2 oz
  • vegan, gluten-free, Kosher, non-GMO, free from top 11 allergens

About Rule Breaker:

Rule Breaker is a woman-owned small business that began in a home kitchen, but has since grown to be available in over 3,000 retail locations nationwide. With a focus of providing healthy and delicious snacks, they use only premium and natural ingredients. Conscious of allergens, artificial ingredients, and preservatives and packed with protein from highly sustainable chickpeas, you can rest assured that these snacks are good for you and the planet.