Triple Win Fundraising

Taste Local Eats boxes can be custom designed and sold by your favorite organization or non-profit for their next fundraising project. YOU choose the organization or non-profit! It's a Triple Win! 

1. The organization/non-profit wins because they receive up to $25 PER BOX SOLD (actual donation will be based upon the size and sale price of the box(es) you select).

2. The small businesses win because they have increased sales and support through the box sales, and it helps their businesses grow.

3. The communities win because the organizations/non-profits benefit, the small businesses benefit, which combines to strengthen our local communities.

Perfect for:

  • School groups and organizations
  • Athletic teams
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Youth groups
  • Churches
  • Companies wanting to donate to a specific non-profit

We provide fundraising boxes that you can customize with your choice of over 300+ products for your organization to sell to friends, families and co-workers. We can create one box to sell, or up to three different boxes at different price points ranging from $34.99 to $99.99/per box.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:


  •  We work with you to design the perfect curated box (or boxes) for your unique organization or non-profit.
  • Choose vendor products from our growing list of small businesses based on zip code, area and/or theme, or let us create one for you!


  • You will receive a private link that you can email and share so box purchases can be made directly on our website. 
  • Most fundraisers last three weeks but this can be customized to fit your schedule.


  • We will mail you a check the day after the fundraiser ends.
  • Options available for distribution, pickup and/or shipping of the boxes.
  • The boxes are available three weeks after the fundraiser ends.

Contact us today at to schedule your next fundraiser!

Not ready for a fundraiser but have a favorite non-profit that you support? Let us know! We will add them to our rotation of non-profits that we support. Send us a note below and we will reach out to you as quickly as possible.
    Below are some pictures of what your boxes could look like! They are currently available in our online store. You can view the details there.
    Click on a picture to view the contents.


              Sample Local