Deer Creek Malthouse Malty Granola Pouch

Malty Granola by Deer Creek Malthouse

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Malty granola is made with a blend of organic PA oats, malt, and a rotating mix of dried fruits, seeds, and nuts. It can be enjoyed as a lightly sweetened snack or incorporated into yogurt for a hearty breakfast. This food item is neither gluten free nor vegan, but it is all natural and made entirely with fresh locally grown grain. 

Deer Creek Malthouse produces a variety of high quality, flavorful specialty malt ingredients made with locally grown grain for brewing, distilling, and culinary end uses. They also supply some of the same unmalted grain that they use to produce malt, and offer custom roasting, smoking and milling services.

Their consumer food and beverages are made with 100% Pennsylvania Craft Malt and showcase their unique grain and malt ingredients.

  • 12 oz bag
  • Made in Glen Mills, PA