Why Local?

Our Tri-state area is unlike any area in the world. We are diverse…the Mushroom Capital of the world, historic Delaware, the Jersey Shore, Philly, and who can forget Delco!  Did you ever order a bagel, pizza, hoagie, scrapple and of course a cheesesteak anywhere else in the world and realize that it “just doesn’t taste right”? 

That’s our flavor…eclectic, authentic, and downright fantastic!!! By supporting local businesses, you help maintain our local flavors…and there are a lot of them. We can't wait to introduce them to you! 

Locally owned businesses help build strong neighborhoods. They sustain communities by linking neighbors and contributing more to local causes. Your dollars spent in supporting locally owned businesses have three times more impact on your community as dollars spent at national chains. 

By shopping locally, you help create jobs, fund local services, invest in neighborhood improvements (through tax dollars) and promote community development. Local independent businesses ARE the backbone of a vibrant and resilient economy. These small entrepreneurs kept us afloat during the pandemic, they kept working, gave us tasty treats and a slice of sanity in all the craziness around us. So, keep being a “small business” champion and live, love, LOCAL!