Who is Blake?

Blake’s Mother’s Cookies have been included in several of our gift boxes over the past six months and we just love them. The delectable shortbread cookies are made with natural ingredients, and not many of them. The melt-in-your mouth cookies are a burst of flavor in your mouth, and it is very hard to stop eating them!

Who is Blake though, and how did she come up with her business name?

Loraine Houston is the owner, and her website explains:

“Blake's Mother's Cookies, or as I like to call it BMC, started as a light bulb moment after Loraine (owner and founder) attended a summer party and tried a Rosemary Shortbread Cookie. Loraine was a chef for many years and had tried many cookies in her day, but there was something about the unique flavor of these cookies that captured her attention - this was an uncommon, subtle dessert that she imagined her family would love, and it would compliment any meal.  For the first batch, Loraine experimented with many recipes. After much tweaking, the Shortbread was family approved. Knowing she had a hit with her family, she decided to use her new recipe for a catered event at Life's Patina in Malvern, PA. Now not only did her family love these cookies, but so did the guests who tried them. This was in 2015.

As summer rolled around Blake (hence “Blake’s” Mother’s Cookies), Loraine's youngest of four children, began his first summer job at Balsam Farm in Amagansett, Long Island. At the time Blake was 13 years old and doing his first summer job, but he had something just as special as his work ethic. Blake had his mother's cookies in his lunch box. As the story is told Blake's coworkers quickly came to love what are now known as Blake's Mother's Cookies. When Loraine realized the potential for her cookies, she decided to expand production and create new flavors. Shortly after, Balsam Farm started carrying her cookies and the rest is history.

Today, Blake's Mother's Cookies, are being sold in stores, farmers markets, food shows, etc. in New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, expanding weekly! Her goal is simple... make all natural treats for our customers using simple ingredients and keep it in the family!”

We spoke with Loraine recently and asked her some additional questions:

What is a positive or negative things that came out of the pandemic for your business?

I think for the pandemic I was very fortunate being a food producer that I was able to continue working. It alleviated the stress of the whole situation. Who knew cookies were an essential service, lol.

Favorite part of your job?

Seeing a customer’s face the first time they taste one of my cookies!

What would you like new customers to know about you that they may not find on your website?

I want people to know even though I am not certified, that BMC is a Woman-owned and staffed business.

Favorite product?

My favorite flavor is now either the new flavor "Montauk Macaroon'' or my seasonal Maple Pecan.

One word to describe you?

One word for me is Persevering.

We currently have bags of Blake’s Mother’s Cookies on our Marketplace, or they can be added to your own Build-A-Box. You can also find them included in several of our Ready-to-Ship boxes on our website. Watch for new flavors soon!


Blake's Mother's Cookies