Vendor Spotlight - Planted Kitchens

Grain-free granola? It doesn’t sound possible but Maureen Sharaf, owner of the West Chester, PA based business, Planted Kitchens, has created just that. She makes two gluten-free, grain-free, and dairy-free granola flavors: Peanut Butter & Jelly and Pistachio Cherry Brownie, and we’ve tried them both. (We love the tasting part of our job). 😊

The ingredients include nuts, seeds and fruits, and are high in protein. She only uses fruit juice and agave to sweeten her granola. Perfect for post-workout, hiking, mid-afternoon snacking, and of course, for breakfast!

We recently caught up with Maureen and asked her a few questions.

What is something positive or negative that came out of the pandemic for you and your business?

Planted Kitchens was created during the pandemic. I am a personal chef by trade, and when COVID hit, I was no longer able to go into clients’ homes to cook. The new business allowed me to stay active, creative, and safe.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love all of it! I love meeting people who sample my products and can’t believe they are healthy! I love providing plant-based, grain-free delicious treats to those that observe those diets! I love creating new flavors and products! I could go on and on!

What would you like new customers to know about you that they may not find on your website?

My products are plant-based and grain-free and STILL taste amazing!

What’s your favorite product that you make?

I love the Curry Lime Cashews.

One word to describe you?


Planted Kitchens has other products we can’t wait to introduce to you, and it sounds like the Curry Lime Cashews need to be at the top of our list.

We currently have Planted Kitchens’ granola in two of our holiday gift boxes, the Party in a Box, and the PB&J Box.

We are thrilled to have Maureen and Planted Kitchens as a vendor, and we hope you like her too!