Vendor Spotlight - Happy Cat Farm

Tomatoes. Real Tomatoes. Not the ones you purchase in the grocery store in the middle of the winter. Juicy ones, ugly ones, multi-colored ones. For foodies, nothing really compares to a locally grown, heirloom tomato with a simple pinch of salt on top. 

Love them or hate them, you will enjoy only the best heirloom tomatoes from Happy Cat Farms. Owners Tim and Amy have become the local go-to experts and suppliers for tomato seeds, tomato workshops, and fun tomato posts on their social media accounts. Their headquarters are in Kennett Square, but you can find them online and subscribe to their newsletter for their latest updates.

We are excited to include their Tomato Jam in our current Taste Local Eats Kennett Square Box. It’s the perfect spread for your next charcuterie board, on your next sandwich, or right out of the jar. We can’t wait to include their tomato sauce later this fall in an upcoming box too!