Vendor Spotlight - Fifer Orchards

Fifer Orchards has been thriving for over 100 years which qualified them as a Delaware Century Family Farm in 2019. Their farm began in 1919 when Charles Frederick Fifer moved to Southern Delaware to pursue his passion for growing high-quality produce. Today, the fourth generation of Fifers continue Charles’ legacy and vision. Their goal is to not only grow and sell but also preserve the environment, serve the community, and maintain their family values.

At Fifer Orchards, environmental stewardship is at the heart of their agricultural practices, as they strive to cultivate a sustainable and thriving ecosystem. Their farm is certified in Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P) and proudly implements various eco-friendly measures to ensure the health of both the land and its surrounding environment. The Fifer family is constantly looking for new ways that they can continue to succeed in the ever-changing and challenging agriculture field. 

Most importantly, they say that providing their families and community with secure, vibrant, wholesome, nourishing, and delightful produce is both an honor and a cherished responsibility. They are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to once again join you in celebrating the harvest together this year.

Fifer Orchard Homemade Jam can be found in both our Marketplace and in select Ready-to-Ship gift boxes such as the Taste of Delaware gift box. We think you'll love their special recipe that celebrates their locally grown produce.