The hottest trend in business!

Businesses have always used the holiday season to express their appreciation for employees and clients with meaningful gifts and/or holiday gatherings. While we typically think of the holiday season as being mostly in December, businesses are shifting their thinking, especially during these past two pandemic-driven years.

Businesses of all sizes have quickly learned they can stand out from the hectic December holiday season by expressing their appreciation during the season of thanks, and by sending gifts prior to Thanksgiving.

This business trend towards sending businesses gifts in November has so many benefits:

  • It shows your thoughtfulness and appreciation for your employees and clients before they themselves get so busy with their own holiday activities.
  • You will stand out from other businesses gifts that arrive in December.
  • You avoid potential supply chain issues before the rush of the holiday season.
  • You finish your gift-giving early and enjoy the holiday season knowing you have already put a smile on so many faces with your gift.

Most importantly, we can help you demonstrate your own commitment to supporting small, local businesses with a gift box filled with their products we curate for you, or you can choose from our ready-to-ship boxes on our website. Contact us today at and you will be the best, and trendiest, gift-giver this year!

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