Tea made out of Barley?

Yes. Really. And it’s quite good.

Deer Creek Malthouse is best known for their high quality, flavorful grain/malt ingredients which are all handcrafted in Pennsylvania. Headquartered in Glenn Mills, PA, they are Pennsylvania’s first malthouse since prohibition! 

What makes their malt (i.e sprouted grain) so special? Founded in 2012, Deer Creek Malthouse identified a unique need in the brewery supply chain, and they have been filling it ever since. Millions of pounds of malt were being consumed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for craft beer alone, but it was all sourced outside of the state. Deer Creek Malthouse owner, Mark Brault, is passionate about agriculture and craft beer, and he created a sustainable malting infrastructure in PA using locally grown grain. They have grown to include items for brewers, distillers, chefs, and consumers.

Their newest endeavor is using barley to make Barley Tea, both pre-made in cans and also loose to steep on your own. A nod to Korean Boricha, Japanese Mugicha, and Italian Café d’orzo, their roasted barley tea has natural sweetness, nutty flavor, and zero caffeine. The teas are complimented by herbs, spices, or fruit, and can be enjoyed hot or cold.

We have added their loose Barley Tea to our Marketplace, and will soon be launching variety packs of some of their favorite consumer products and barley teas.

You can also find them in our brand new Time for Tea gift box. Try something new, local, and unique during your next tea time. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.