A SMALL business making a BIG difference.

Diamond State Financial Group and SL24: Unlocke the Light

The power of small businesses supporting other small businesses and non-profit organizations has expanded to the corporate level for us.

Taste Local Eats is excited to announce Diamond State Financial Group in Newark, DE has made the commitment to be our first corporate matching donation sponsor. Taste Local Eats gift boxes always include a $5 donation to a local non-profit organization, but Diamond State Financial Group is taking this a step further with our new Corporate Matching Program.

They will be matching EVERY $5 box sale donation on the Taste Local Eats website through December 31, 2021. This generosity means $10 from every box sale will benefit their selected beneficiary, SL24: Unlocke The Light Foundation

SL24: Unlocke The Light Foundation, a Delaware-based non-profit, is dedicated to unlocking the students' light by providing resources for those struggling with depression, self-injury, and suicide. They are fighting the mental health darkness with a team full of light. This team consists of family, friends, and mental health specialists with a common goal to support those who are currently fighting their own darkness. They do this through education, resources, and their safe haven, Sean's House, located on the campus of the University of Delaware.

Diamond State Financial Group is demonstrating their commitment to supporting other small businesses, supporting local non-profit organizations, and strengthening local communities. They will be making their own generous contribution to SL24 as well, in addition to this matching program. They also went a step further with their small business support by selecting Taste Local Eats for their corporate gifts. They are truly a Small Business Champion making a big difference in their local community.

Thank you so much Diamond State Financial Group, and thank you to everyone who purchases a gift box and supports this great initiative!