Deer Creek Malthouse Sampler Box

Deer Creek Malthouse Sampler Box

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Deer Creek Malthouse's Sampler box includes the following items:

  • Mixed 4-pack of their cans of Barley Tea
  • Malty Granola
  • Buckwheat Pancake Mix
  • Pizza Mix
  • Whole Rye Flour - stone-ground
  • Rolled Oats

Deer Creek Malthouse produces a variety of high quality, flavorful specialty malt ingredients made with locally grown grain for brewing, distilling, and culinary end uses. They also supply some of the same unmalted grain that they use to produce malt, and offer custom roasting, smoking and milling services. Whether you are a brewer, chef, or distiller, their ingredients are versatile and customizable, making them well suited for a variety of craft food and beverage applications.

Their consumer food and beverages are made with 100% Pennsylvania Craft Malt and showcase their unique grain and malt ingredients. 


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