We don't like shopping local.

We don’t like shopping local. 

Nope, we don’t.

There’s a lot of hype about shopping local, and we don’t like it. 

The truth is, we absolutely, 100% LOVE it.

During the pandemic, a spotlight shone brightly on small and local businesses. We truly felt the pain of our neighbors, friends, and family who owned all these establishments, but our communities rallied behind them in impressive ways. It was inspiring to watch, and literally, it helped launch Taste Local Eats.

Now that the pandemic is in our rearview mirror (thank goodness!), it seems like we have slowly slipped back to shopping with the “big” guys (and gals). We get it…. it’s sometimes easier (and cheaper), and we are all being a bit more frugal these days.

At Taste Local Eats, we are trying to keep the emphasis on shopping with small, family-owned, and local businesses. We continually aim to find products from the “little guy” who is trying to make a difference for their own families and local communities.

We support hyper-local businesses in our own local community (Kennett Square, PA), and are also continually searching a little further away, focusing on the Mid-Atlantic region for the ideal products for you.

We know you have choices, but our goal is to offer you that unique, memorable experience that identifies you as a Small Business Champion. (We even mention this on a postcard in every gift so the recipient knows you are shopping local, and supporting small businesses.)

We love you, our Champions, for recognizing your impact, and we love all the small businesses with whom we partner to supply the products in our gift boxes. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for loving (and not liking) the small business community!